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What is article marketing?

Article marketing is where you write a unique article and submit it to a large and highly trafficked article directory. At the bottom of the article, you have the opportunity to write a resource box about yourself, in which you can include links back to your own site.

After submitting your article to a directory, it is available for other people to look at, as well as available to other webmasters to republish the article on their own sites. If your article gets republished, you will obtain more backlinks to your site, which in turn should help with traffic and improve your rankings in the search engines.

How beneficial is it?

By submitting articles that include links to your site in the resource box, you areincreasing the exposure of your website. Depending on how popular the article is, it can be republished by numerous high PR websites, which will heavily increase the number of backlinks pointing to your site. Similarly, an unpopular article will not do so well, and you may only get a handful of backlinks and see minimal traffic from the article.

Either way, there is never any harm in article marketing, as it can only help to increase the awareness of your site around the web. Results will obviously vary depending on how many articles you submit and how good the articles are, but overall the higher the quality of the articles and the higher number you submit the better.

If you only ever submit one poor quality article to an article directory, you shouldn’t expect to see any dazzling results. So it’s a good idea to write a handful of good quality articles for optimal results.

How do you do it?

The best article directory to submit to is

EzineArticles is by far the most popular article directory, as it receives the most traffic and gives your articles the most exposure. So this is the best directory that you should sign-up and start out with when you give article marketing a try.

After signing up, you should start writing some unique articles related to your niche. For example, if your site is about Omaha poker, you should write interesting articles about Omaha. It’s a good idea to write general articles about your niche rather than overly specific ones, as the general articles are more likely to catch people’s attention and get republished on other websites.

The best range for word count for these articles I have found to be around 400 – 650 words. Whilst it is a good idea to write in depth and informative articles with good article length on your own site, for article directories you want to try and keep them short and sweet. You also want to break up paragraphs to keep them short enough so that people can skim over them. Bullet points and numbered lists also work well to catch readers’ attention.

The directories are full of people looking for quick information, so don’t scare them away from your article by writing huge chunks of text. Furthermore by keeping it short you can entice the reader to click the links in the resource box to find out more information.

After writing your article, simply submit it to the article directory and include a nice and persuasive resource box at the bottom, including a link to your site. Here are a few tips on writing a resource box. This is your opportunity to sell your site to the reader, so make sure you do a good job of it.

A few pointers

  • After writing your article, make sure to give it an interesting title. You want to make this as eye catching as possible, because this is what is going to determine whether or not the article is worth reading or not.
  • Write a unique and quality article. If your article is rubbish, it’s not going to get you anywhere. So put the effort in and give yourself the best opportunity to make your article marketing a success.
  • Aim to submit at least 5 good quality articles to EzineArticles. This way you give yourself a good opportunity to get some exposure and analyse the results. If things do not work out how you expected, you can always say that you gave it a try.


Article marketing may not always be a raving success, but there is no harm in giving it a try. If your site is new, it is especially a good idea to try out article marketing so that you can increase awareness, and bring in a few new visitors to your site. Just make sure to give it a good go and you might see some great results. You will never know how well it could have worked if you don’t give it a try.

For more directories you can use to submit your articles to, check out the article directories page.

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