How To Get Indexed In Google

With a new poker website, one of your main priorities will be to get into the search engines and start soaking up some traffic from Google, Yahoo and a number of other search engines. After all, for the majority of poker websites the main traffic source for the life of the website will be coming from the search engines. So the sooner you can jump in, the sooner you can get your site off the ground and start making money from the search engine traffic.

But unfortunately, just because you make a website, it does not mean that Google is going to take your site into its search engine and start ranking you well straight away. I’m guessing that the majority of you that are reading this are currently frustrated at the fact that Google hasn’t taken your site into its search engine, and you want to find out how you can get this sorted out. Thankfully it’s not difficult, nor is it time consuming… that’s if you know what to do of course.

Firstly you can check if your site in indexed in Google by typing your domain name into the search bar, e.g. If the search results come up with a link to your site, then your site has been indexed. However, if the search result comes up with something like:

“Your search – – did not match any documents.”

Then your site has yet to be indexed, and so you are going to need to do the following to make Google recognise your site…

Get some links!

The reason why Google doesn’t index your site is because it doesn’t know it exists, not because they don’t like your site. Google wants to index as many pages as they can, but if there are no links pointing to your site then they will not have the chance to find it. It’s like building a house but not building any roads to it; nobody is going to know the house is there, let alone get to it if there are no roads leading to it.

So the key to getting your site indexed is to start building some links and give Google the chance to visit your site through the ‘spiders’ they send out to search the internet. These spiders essentially flow across the internet through all the links it can trying to find new websites and pages to add to their directory. So if you have links pointing to your site, there is a good chance a spider will visit your site and tell Google to index it.

Now getting links is always easier said than done, but you should have no trouble in getting your hands on some links if you put the effort in. There are many ways to get links, but some of the best ways as a new affiliate are to do link exchanges with other websites. Just contact the webmasters and ask for an exchange; this way you might be able to get some vital links pointing to your site.

How long will it take before I’m indexed?

The time is takes can vary greatly, but if you get your hands on a few good links pointing to your site it should take a few days. If you get a link on a popular site then it is likely that your site will be indexed more quickly, because Google spiders the bigger sites more frequently to look for changes, and so there is a good chance that they will happen upon your link and find your site.

Nonetheless, you will still be indexed if you get a few links from the smaller sites, but it will take a few more days (or maybe a week or two) before Google finally indexes you. But don’t stress out over it, take the time to write some more content and wait for the day your site starts showing up in Google. It won’t take too long honestly, so be patient… A watched kettle never boils.

Okay I’m indexed, now what?

It’s a great feeling getting indexed, but I’m guessing it’s not all that you might have expected. You may have thought you would see floods of traffic coming in, but this is not normally going to be the case. Your next task is going to be to try and make your pages rank as highly as possible in the search engines.

To do this you will need to do something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This involves modifying your pages and doing things like getting more links to help push your site to the top of the search engine results pages. This is something quite important that you are going to have to learn if you want to make your site a success, so take the time to browse over a few articles to get you on your way.

At the start however, you may have a few problems with in ranking well for keywords in Google due to the sandbox. This essentially a term to describe how new poker sites are not ranked highly for a few months until they prove their worth by sticking around and providing quality content to the visitors. This is a little something that all poker affiliates have to deal with, and it only applies in your first few months as an affiliate. You can find out more in the article about the Google sandbox.

Just because it’s going to take a bit of time to make it to the top, there is no need to give up. You have already taken the first major step by getting into the search engines, now its time to push your site as much as you can. You’re on the right track now; all you have to do is give your site some momentum. From now on as far as making money is concerned, the sky’s the limit.

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