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Obtaining links is an important part of the cycle that many poker affiliates plough through on a daily basis. Both new and veteran affiliates should look to build as many links as possible, as this is what’s going to turn a decent website into a powerhouse. Many affiliates will simply concentrate on generating as much content as possible and getting links to their site, as these are the foundations for almost every successful poker website.

Links can bring traffic in the form of people clicking these links, and more importantly in the form of boosting pages further up the search engine rankings. In general, the more links a site has, the higher it will rank in the search engines. So getting links should be at the top of your agenda (along with writing content) every time you sit down to work on your site. But this is always much easier said than done… because where can you get these links from?

Here is a list of some of the best ways that you can get links to your site…

Ask other webmasters for link exchanges

This sounds simple enough, but it will often be very difficult to get already established websites to link to your site. This is because new websites are unlikely to have any page rank (PR) or too much content, and so the bigger websites will not feel that it is in their interest to exchange links. This is why I recommend that you build up a solid website before targeting any of the major sites for links; you want to offer them a site that they would want to link to before you decide to ask.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of websites out there that you can ask for links from. But remember, always try and personalise your email to the webmasters, and don’t just sound like another random person hoping to get a link. Make your email stand out with a unique title instead of ‘link exchange request’ so that your email won’t immediately be sent to the trash folder. Try putting a title of one of their articles in the email title and then discuss it briefly in the body, it’s sure to grab their attention.

Always be sincere and honest, and don’t try and be something you are not to try and get a link. I am always going to be open to the personal link requests, rather than the cold requests that I seem to get every day.

Article Submissions

There are a number of sites out there that are like giant article directories that will allow you to submit articles to them in exchange for links. This means that you can write a number of unique articles, submit them to different directories, and gain the links that point to your site when they are published. You are normally permitted to place a link back to your site in the footer of the article, and this article may also be republished by other websites, who will then also give you a backlink for your work. So one article may turn out to give you more than one link back to your site over time.

Furthermore, there is also a handful of gambling article submission sites, which will prove to be more useful as you will be getting a more relevant link to your site once you have submitted an article. The following sites are very useful gambling related directories that will allow you to submit your articles for links:

Article Directories

Write content for other websites

If you browse around a number of poker websites for long enough, it is likely that you will come across a site that will accept content in exchange for links. This means if you write an article for them, you will be allowed to have a link or two within that article pointing to your website. These kinds of links are the ones that Google loves, and they are sure to give you a boost in the search engines. Furthermore, these links are completely free, all it takes is a little effort and you will be able to get a boatload of quality one-way links.

However, be sure to write a solid article for the website you will be sending it to, because the webmasters are not going to want to publish a shoddy piece of work. So make sure all you grammar is correct, and that all your information would be beneficial to the reader.

Content Writing Tips

Offer up free content on your site

This is quite similar to writing unique articles for other websites as mentioned above, but instead you can write a set number of articles and include a link or two in them, and offer them to all webmasters that wish to use them.

You will probably find fewer takers for these articles because they are not unique, but you will find that there will be a handful of other poker webmasters that will take one or two and upload them to their site, giving you some handy one-way links. Furthermore, you can keep these articles on your site available to other affiliates, and you will have a constant supply of new links over time as people take the articles and use them on their sites.

Submit to directories

There are a whole host of directories out there that will allow you to submit your site to be included within the directory. Some directories will not allow gambling websites, but there are still a fair number that do. If you do a little searching around you will find great lists of directories that you can use, and so if you submit your site to a couple of these a day, you will be getting a steady flow of incoming links to help get your site recognised in those search engines.


There a handful of other ways that you can get links to your site; such as leaving you link in forum signatures and such. But the above methods are free and are the ones that will give you the strongest links that will help your site climb up those search engines. But at the end of the day, a link is a link, and if you can get your hands on one then it is only going to help your site. Every link is another step up the big poker-affiliating ladder; the more links the merrier.

There are various places where you can pay for links, but Google is trying to crack down on this as best as it can. Especially as a new affiliate, you are not ideally going to have the right budget to be able to afford to buy links on other peoples sites, so you should stick to getting links in the ways mentioned above.

Purchasing links might be easier, but obviously it comes at a cost, and this is normally a cost that new affiliates cannot afford to pay. You can still be very successful if you get your links the hard way, and on top of that you will be able to feel a greater sense of achievement because of all the effort you have put into getting links when you site begins to rank well. So work hard, get lots of free links, and you won’t be going too far wrong. It’s a simple recipe for success.

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