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  • CPA and revshare deals
  • Promote several brands in one place:
  • 888
  • Full Tilt
  • Partypoker
  • William Hill
  • betfair
  • Unibet
  • paddypower
  • many more


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Poker Affiliate World – Online Affiliate World Review

Online Affiliate World – formerly known as Poker Affiliate World or “PAW” – offers higher commissions than standard to all affiliates, regardless of how many players you send to the poker rooms. The OAW network also allows you to combine all of your payments so that you can get paid in one simple payment.

What Is The Online Affiliate World Network?

Firstly, so that there is no confusion, let’s clear up what exactly the OAW network is. The OAW (Online Affiliate World) network is essentially a site where you can promote a number of different poker rooms from the same place, for a much higher commission than normal. You can promote some of the top rooms in the industry like Full TiltParty PokerPokerStars and more through the network.

All of your stats will also be in one place along with your earnings, and you will easily be able to see how many players you have signed up and how much you have earned without having to scour through all of your affiliate accounts individually.

As already mentioned, you will also receive a higher commission by promoting rooms through the OAW network than if you went through each site individually. So instead of getting a standard $100 CPA or 25% MGR for a particular room, you would be receiving an increased $125 CPA or 30% MGR.

This can happen because there are a number of affiliates on the one network working together to send players to the online poker rooms. Because there are a large number of players are coming from one network, the affiliate programs are happy to increase the commission paid to each affiliate. So essentially affiliates are working together to increase commission for one another through one large network, rather than being stuck alone with a smaller commission.

Join OAW Affiliate Network

Why Join The OAW Network?

Well if having a much higher commission than normal and having all your stats in one place wasn’t enough to persuade you to join the program, then I don’t know what will. The OAW network makes it incredibly easy to get started promoting poker rooms, so that you can start earning more money with the higher rates more quickly.

I promote poker rooms through the OAW network on my own sites, and I can comfortably say that it makes things so much easier as an affiliate. The higher commission means I can get paid more, and being part of the network means I don’t have to spend ages signing up to each individual room. I highly recommend the network to any new poker affiliate… hence why the network is the top rated affiliate program on this site.


As you already know, the commission you receive for each program is higher than if you signed up for each affiliate program individually. Here is a list of the commission rates available on the network for each room:


If there was any downside to the OAW network, it would be that you have limited access to the amount of stats you are able to see in the backend. In most affiliate programs, you are able to see how your promotions are working out with statistics like banner impressions, number of clicks, deposit amounts by players and so on. However, on the OAW network you are only able to see how many RMPs (Real Money Players) and PMPs (Play Money Players) you have referred.

This is because it is too difficult for the network to provide in depth stats to all affiliates, so you have the basics of how many players you have sent. However, the fact that you receive more money for your efforts every time you send a player to a poker room means that you are hardly likely to be bothered with the limited amount of stats that are available. I for one am more than happy to sacrifice a few small stats for the higher commissions.


The OAW network has a number of support staff that are always more than happy to help you out if you encounter any problems. Although the support staff are not working directly for each poker room, they are easily able to get in contact with the rooms on your behalf if you have a question regarding a specific poker room.


The OAW network really is a great option for both new and experienced affiliates. There is no catch to the network, it has just been set up so that affiliates can work together to gain a higher commission and make payments from each of the programs much easier.

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