Key to success in affiliate marketing – or: the breaking point for poker affiliates

key to success in affiliate marketing - poker affiliate

If you know the key to success in affiliate marketing , you can make it even as a poker affiliate

Some Poker affiliates make it, some affiliates do not.

It’s simply the way things work when it comes to trying to make money by promoting online Poker rooms. The key to success in affiliate marketing, the difference between the affiliates that make money and the ones that do not is perseverance. If you can see the rewards in the future for your current efforts rather than your immediate results, you are likely to do well as a poker affiliate.

When it comes to being a poker affiliate, there is a period of about 3 to 6 months where you will see little return on your work. You may be working hard day in and day out, without seeing any results in your affiliate accounts. This is often a very frustrating time for new affiliates, and will often be the breaking point where a number of affiliates decide to pack it in and call it a day.

Key to success in affiliate marketing is to stay tuned and carry on the good work

The problem is that in the first 3 to 6 months it is unlikely that your poker site will rank well in the major search engines, and you will see very little traffic. This is because your site will be placed in the sandbox, which prevents it from ranking well until it has proved itself to be a worthy resource to visitors. This happens because lots of new poker sites pop up every day, and search engines like Google do not want poor sites ranking well for good search terms. For more information on this you can check out the article on the Google sandbox.

Many people will see the big $100 CPA commissions and jump into the world of poker affiliating. Those figures are all too tempting, and people can’t wait to start earning some money. However, many will fail to realise that becoming a poker affiliate isn’t really a short term game, because if you want to make serious amounts of money, you have to prepare to be in it for a good while. This is why many people abandon ship when they don’t see any money in the first few weeks or months. If they only knwe the key to success in affiliate marketing…

When I first started, I hit the breaking point (as many new affiliates do) and considered whether or not what I was doing was worth my while. However, I stuck at it purely because of the fact that I enjoyed making my poker site and seeing people visit my site to read the information on offer. Making money was the goal for the future, but at the time I enjoyed working to make the best site possible. But how did it work out for me in the end? Let’s just say that I have never looked back on my decision to stick with it.

Key to success in affiliate marketing – perseverance

There is no doubt that it is incredibly tedious to work hard for what seems to be nothing in return, but there are some serious rewards at the end of the tunnel if you can persevere. It takes a while to build up a great poker portal and start bringing in traffic from the search engines, so you should always look forward and think about where all your current hard work will land you in the future. The harder you work now, the bigger the payoff will be in the coming months and for years to come.

The successful affiliates are the ones that are not dependant on the figures in their affiliate accounts to determine how well they are doing. The successful affiliates work hard regardless of how many hits they are getting from the search engines because they know things will brighten up in the future. This optimism and confidence is a great combination, and is the perfect recipe for new affiliates that want to do well.

I can tell you now what the key to success in affiliate marketing and poker affiliation is; if you work hard for those months where nothing seems to happen, you will be making solid amounts of money in the future. It’s hard to work and not know if you are getting anywhere, which is why I’m letting you know that there will be a return on your efforts in the coming months. If you can continue to work through the breaking point, you will be doing better than 90% of all people that start out as poker affiliates, and you will be on the road to success.

It’s always much easier to quit and convince yourself that making money online is not possible. It seems that people would much prefer to give up and try something else rather than persevere with something that they know would work if they just committed themselves a little bit more. Poker affiliating isn’t difficult, it’s actually pretty simple. Put the effort in, and you will see great results. So keep learning, keep writing, and make the most profitable poker website you can. You will thank yourself for it in the future.

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