It takes time to make money as a poker affiliate – don’t give up!

It takes time to make money as a poker affiliate. Take yours!

It takes time to make money as a poker affiliate. Take yours!

The title pretty much says it all here; but if I left it at that we wouldn’t have much of an article on our hands, so let me take the time to elaborate a little and tell you how long it takes to make money as a poker affiliate.

As a new poker affiliate, there will often be times where you consider whether or not the whole idea of promoting online poker rooms is really worth while. When you’re at your computer facing a serious bout of writer’s block, or having a shitty time trying to modify a section of your site, it may seem as though poker affiliating is way more hassle than it’s worth. You will think it much easier to knock it all on the head and try something else instead.

But seriously, don’t give up. And you will make money as a poker affiliate

There are very few online industries that will allow you to make as much money online as poker affiliating will. By giving up you are missing out on a prime opportunity to make a very nice amount of money from month to month, and possible live a far more comfortable life than you are now. Whilst making 6 figures a year seems pretty distant to most new poker affiliates, it is by no means an unattainable target.

Waking up in the morning to see that you’ve made a few hundred dollars whilst you were sleeping is a pretty enjoyable experience… I will tell you that for free.

After you get past the breaking point, you will have a completely different approach to your affiliate business. Whilst at the start you were always wondering if you would ever see any return on your efforts, you will now be wondering how far you can push yourself, and how many figures you could be bringing in each and every month. When things start to fall into place and you start making money, making even more money on top of that gets a lot easier.

Nobody likes to work for nothing, especially if things don’t appear to be going your way. There will be set backs, and there will be disappointments. There will be missed opportunities, and there will be failures. But hey, who’s counting? It doesn’t make a difference how many times you fail; all that matter is that you have that one break through project.

All the greatest Internet entrepreneurs have had their failures; some have even had some pretty monumental ones. But at the end of the day, nobody cares. Nothing is stopping you from trying again, and from every failure you set yourself up to do even better with your next project. Even if things do not work out as you have planned, you will still have learnt a few tricks and picked up some valuable experience. As hard to believe as it is, the experience you gain will often make up for the fact that your project was a failure.

Sometimes as a poker affiliate, things will go seriously wrong. You may lose a week’s or a month’s worth of work, but on the grand scale of things this isn’t too much of a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, you will be uber-pissed off if something like that happens, but it’s how you deal with it that counts. You can really let it get to you, and just forget about trying again. However, if you’re the sort of person to just let it go and start again, you are the sort of person that is hella likely to make money as a poker affiliate. Maybe even loads of monyey at some point in the future.

As the old saying goes… its not the falling down that matters, it’s the way you pick yourself back up that counts. It may well be a little cliché, but it couldn’t be more accurate as far as poker affiliating is concerned. If you can bounce back from all of your set-backs, eventually you are going to hit on something that will be a great success. It’s just the way things work.

You have to realise that not everything you touch is going to turn to gold as you’re learning the business, but the one thing that does work out for you is more than going to make up for all the other projects that didn’t work out how you planned.

So as I was saying… don’t give up. Giving up is by far the easiest option; but it’s not going to make you any money at the end of the day. If can continue to work through the worst of it, your success is going to be just around the corner.

Keep plugging away – and you will make money as a poker affiliate.

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