Poker Traffic Sources – how to find readers for your website

Poker traffic sources are hard to find

Other than a busy road, a website with lots of traffic is exactly what you want.

As a poker affiliate, you want to have as many people visiting your site as possible. Finding and using poker traffic sources is one of the key tasks for an affiliate. The more people you have visiting your site, the more opportunities you are going to have to get real money players and start making some money. However, just because we want more traffic, it doesn’t automatically mean we are going to get it, as we need to work hard to get people to visit our site. There are many ways to get visitors to your site, but the following are the top poker traffic sources which help you to grow the number of readers for your site.

#1 of all poker traffic sources: Search Engines

Search engines are a great way to get a steady flow of visitors to your website and therefore the best of all poker traffic sources. If someone types in a search term into a search engine like Google, there is a chance that Google will put your site in the results pages if the search term that person used is related to your site in some way. If that person then sees the information they are looking for, they may click on the link to your site, and you are provided with a visitor.

Subsequently, if your page ranks highly in the results pages, such as near the top of the first page, you are likely to receive a lot of traffic from people using that particular search term. Therefore, if you have lots of pages that can rank highly in Google and other search engines, you will have a great constant supply of free traffic that can bring in many potential real money players (RMPs).

The key to ranking highly in the search engines is search engine optimization (SEO), which is basically modifying your pages in such a way that Google can easily recognize the information contained within them, and so they will be more inclined to rank them higher in the results pages. SEO isn’t too difficult to learn, but it is something that all good affiliates do, as it brings a vast amount of traffic that can be converted into RMPs. For most poker affiliates, search engines will prove to be the #1 poker traffic source.

Advertising – also a strong poker traffic source

Another option webmasters have to gain traffic is to advertise on other people’s websites. This is a good way to gain targeted traffic, as you can find numerous poker websites that will allow you to advertise on them, and you can be sure that the traffic will be targeted to your niche. For example, its unlikely that you are going to get many RMPs if you get traffic through advertising on a religious website, but if you advertise on another poker related website instead you can be sure that your visitors are interested in poker.

The only downside to advertising is the cost. The more popular the website, the more it will normally cost to gain an advertising spot on the site. Similarly, the best spots for advertising are not going to be cheap, and so you have to weigh up whether the amount you make from the traffic will be more than the amount you spend on advertising. This may be a little tricky for new affiliates, so its not recommended that you spend much on advertising until you gain a little more experience and have more money to spend.

Signature Links

This is essentially another form of advertising, but it is completely free and can also bring you some quality, targeted traffic. Some forums will allow you to place links in your signature to your website, so that every time you post, a link to your site will appear at the bottom of your post. Therefore if you post frequently, you will have lots of links pointing to your site that people on the forums can click on to visit your site.

Although this will not bring you an immense amount of traffic, it is a great way to get traffic, especially at the start of your poker affiliating career where things may be a little slow at the start. Just be sure to make quality posts and don’t abuse the privilege of being able to add links to your signature. If you make poor quality or spammy posts, it is likely that you will be banned from the forum, and you will not be making a good name for your website.

Link Exchanges and Directories

If you do lots of link exchanges with other poker websites, there will be more opportunities for visitors across all of the sites you have exchanged with to click on a link that points to your site. Although links are most useful for SEO purposes, they can also provide you with a bit of traffic. However, the amount of traffic you get from link exchanges will normally be relatively small compared to the amount of traffic you can get from search engines and advertising.

Similarly, you can submit your site to lots of free directories. However, just as with link exchanges, the real power of these links comes through their SEO benefits, but it does not mean that you won’t get the odd click through from time to time.

Getting Links

So these are the top ways in which you can get traffic to your website. The list pretty much goes in order of which will bring you the most traffic; with the search engines almost always being at the top, and links from link exchanges and directories being near the bottom. It is highly recommended that you aim to get as much traffic as possible from the search engines, because this is going to be your main money-earner. So you should try hard to learn about SEO, and give your pages the best opportunity to rank well in the search engines and bring you that all-important traffic.

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