Poker Site Domain names – tips to find a good one

Poker Site Domains - tips Poker Site Domain names – sometimes its hard to find a good one.
Finding the right Poker site domain name for your website can often be a pretty difficult process. This is not because it’s going to be hard to register it, but because of the fact it’s not always easy to come to a final decision on what is going to work best for your site. Even though this site’s domain name looks pretty simple and straightforward, it still took me a few days to browse through all the Poker site domain names on offer before I decided upon this one.

So what should you be looking for in a good Poker site domain name? You obviously want to find something that you are completely happy with and can work with in the future, so here is a quick guide to finding the Poker site domain name that is going to work best for your poker site.

The branding aspect in your Poker Site Domain Name

When people visit your site, it’s great to have a domain name that is easy to remember and will stick in people’s minds. Some of the best poker site domains involve 2 words together (e.g.,,, or, with some superb domains just using one word. However, the chances of getting a good one-word poker domain in this day and age are pretty slim, so you are more than likely going to need to shoot for a poker site domain name with 2 or 3 words in it.

The best kind of Poker site domain name to get is one that is memorable, yet still contains keywords for your site. However, this is not always going to be possible, so you have to make a compromise in some area. You can still rank well if you don’t have your keywords in your domain name, so don’t be too afraid about sacrificing a keyword to help keep your domain short and sweet.

If you are pushing to 4 words then it is less likely that your poker site domain name is going to be very memorable, and on top of this it’s going to be a pretty long domain name. The same idea applies to the use of dashes (-) in domain names. If you use too many, it’s not going to make your site all that brandable. Many people would say that you should stick to 2 at most, but in my honest opinion I don’t think you should use more than one.

So as a general rule, go for something short, sweet and brandable rather than getting an overly busy domain name just to try and fit your keywords in. Imagine how hard it’s going to be for people to say “Hey I found this really great site the other day… its: Holdem dash strategy dash tips four (the number not word) dash poker”. It doesn’t really have much of ring to it now does it?

.com .net .org?

When you have found your desired poker site domain name, you have a choice between a number of different TLDs (top level domains). The obvious choice would be to use the .com domain if possible, because it is much more familiar to your visitors to have a .com at the end of your domain and it helps your site to sound more reputable.

The other two are also fine to use, and they should not pose any problems if you are forced to use a .net or .org when it comes to ranking well in the search engines. I would choose .net over .org, but that is just a matter of personal preference. However, I wouldn’t stray away from using a .com, .org or .net domain for a poker site unless you are targeting a specific country and using a domain like or .ca. If you are using something like a .tk domain, people are going to think, “If this is such a great site, why didn’t they get the .com domain instead?”

So stick with the ones that people are familiar with.

Do the new TLDs suit for a strong poker site domain name?

As you might have recognised, in 2014 a whole bunch of new Top Level Domains (TLD) has launched and is still launching. With every new TLD there is another whole set of short, brandable poker site domain names on the market. While TLDs like .creditcard or .beer will hardly help you create a strong brand for an affiliate site, there are other ones worth looking for: .club, .report or .guide for instance. Of course: Great poker site domain names like or were taken before you could spell P O K E R. But there are still good ones for every poker niche. And even if domains like or are not available on the free market, you might still be able to acquire them on marketplaces like

There is just one big question that no one can answer you at this time: Will Google like the new TLDs? In fall 2014, when this post was last updated, none of the TLDs mentioned above was available long enough. Every new website with .club or .deals was still in Google Sandbox. So we will have to wait a year or two to see whether new TLDs can make it into the Google Top 10.

If you want my advice: Get yourself some new TLDs as long as they’re available – or cheap to buy at sedo. Maybe start a sidekick project with a new TLD. But do not throw all your money and time into a new TLD project. It’s too risky.

Poker site domain name tips

When you register a domain name, try to avoid names that may be trademarked. A good example of this is using ‘wsop’ anywhere in your domain. This is because ‘wsop’ has been trademarked, and you can easily be asked to take your site down and transfer it to another domain if you get spotted. Another example is anything ending in ‘rus’, as ‘toysrus’ tries hard to prevent anyone using this particular trademark. But I wouldn’t imagine you would want to use this in a domain name as a poker affiliate anyway.

Another tip is to choose a different company to register your domain name with than you use for your hosting. This is because if there ever happens to be any trouble with your hosting, there won’t be any trouble with switching from one host to another and retaining your domain name at the same time.

The problem with finding a good poker site domain nem is that all the best ones are taken. There are literally thousands of websites already out there, so it can become a pretty difficult task to still find some half decent ones that might be left. So the idea is to compromise a little, but don’t go over the top just to try and get a few keywords in. At the end of the day, something short and memorable like is going to work much better than holdem-strategy–

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