Hosting Companies for Gambling Websites

Finding hosting for a gambling related website can be a little trickier than finding a host for your average website, as there are a few hosts that will not allow poker or gambling related sites to be hosted on their servers. Nonetheless, you can still find some top-notch hosting for your poker websites if you search around.

When choosing a site to buy hosting from, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest deal available. Whilst this might save you some money in the short run, it will probably cause a load of headaches a few weeks down the line when you run into problems through the poor hosting and equally bad support. So it is a good idea to pay a little extra and get a solid host, rather than something cheap and unreliable. So below are the top hosting companies I have come across, as they offer great value for money and are happy to host gambling  related websites. I would highly recommend that you choose one of the companies below if you decide to set up an online poker site.

SkyNetHosting $4.95/month
SkyNetHosting is my personal favourite, as they offer great value for money and I have never had any problems hosting with them. The pricing is competitive, and you get all the features you should expect from a solid web host. You can get a great hosting package here from $4.95 a month, or you can choose a different package from the ones they have on offer.

1and1 $3.99/month
1and1 offers a number of great packages that are highly suited to the new webmaster. You can get a great hosting package for $3.99 a month, or you can choose a different package with more web space and bandwidth for a little extra. The support at 1and1 is great, and you can expect your site to run smoothly whilst hosted with this company.

DreamHost $9.95/month
DreamHost offers a very competitive hosting package, with a large amount of disk space and bandwith for the price you pay. DreamHost does not offer a range of hosting packages like SkyNetHosting and 1and1, but there is a great support desk to help out with any issues. Hosting is roughly $9.95 per month, but this can be reduced to $5.95 by paying for a longer hosting period in advance.