Poker Affiliate Glossary

There are a number of terms used in the poker affiliate industry that newcomers might not be familiar with. I try to explain abbreviations and unfamiliar terms as I go through the articles, but I might occasionally forget to explain a few things. So here is a quick glossary on the most popular terms that you might come across as a poker affiliate. If I have missed any out or have not explained anything clearly enough, I am more than happy for you to contact me and let me know.

Above The Fold – Typically the upper section of a web page that can be viewed without having to scroll down. For example, links can be worth more if they are ‘above the fold’.

Anchor Text – The text used over a hyperlink. For example, this is anchor text.

Conversion Rate – How well a poker room converts the visitors you send to the room into real money players. The higher the conversion rate the better.

Cookies – Small files on your computer that record information on which sites you have been visiting. They are often used for tracking purposes with affiliate links to help identify which site a player has come from.

CPA – ‘Cost Per Acquisition’, the amount you are paid for each real money player referred to an online poker room.

CSS – ‘Cascading Style Sheets’, used to influence the appearance of a website.

HTML – ‘Hyper-Text Markup Protocol’, a coding language used to code websites.

Niche – A small area of the poker market that you can attack to improve the number of visitors to your site when starting out.

MGR – ‘Monthly Gross Revenue’, also known as ‘revenue share’. This is a percentage of the amount your referred player(s) rake on a monthly basis.

NoFollow – An attribute used within link tags to inform search engines that the link should not influence the target’s search engine rankings.

PHP – Coding language, typically used to create more dynamic web pages.

Player Value – How much the players you send to poker rooms are worth on average. The higher the player value, the more they will generate in rake for the room.

PMPs – Play Money Players

Poker Affiliate – Someone who works with poker rooms to send them players. Affiliates typically earn money for sending players to these online poker rooms.

RMPs – Real Money Players

SEO – ‘Search Engine Optimization’, this is the process of optimizing your web pages to help them rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

SERPS – Search Engine Results Pages