Top New Poker Affiliate Mistakes

As a new poker affiliate, there is going to be a lot about the poker affiliate industry that you will be unfamiliar with. This means that there are going to be plenty of opportunities to try things out and make mistakes, which will slow down your development as an affiliate. Whilst it is never a bad thing to make mistakes (if you can learn from them), it is beneficial to be aware of the potential pit falls so that you can avoid costly errors whilst you are starting out as a new affiliate. So here are the top mistakes that people make when they first enter the poker affiliate industry…

Thinking Poker Affiliating Is Easy

Whilst being a poker affiliate is a great way to make money (and lots of it), it does not necessarily mean that it is going to be easy. There is no chance that you can make a quick 5 page website and expect it to make you a couple of hundred a month, because it’s just not going to happen. You have to prepare to put some effort into your sites to write articles and make your website worth visiting. After all, would you pay much attention to a site with little to no content filled with lots of poker banners? …Thought not.

So to make it as an affiliate you have to be prepared to put the hours in. It isn’t going to be all work for little reward, but it will take some time and effort before you see any results for your work. But if you do make the effort to create a solid poker website with good information, there is no reason as to why you can’t make a very healthy sum of money every month. The great thing with poker affiliating is that you can make 6 figures a month or more if you want to; the only thing stopping you is your drive to make it there.

Wasting Too Much Time on Web Design

Many affiliates put hours of work into creating and tweaking the design of their websites, and forget about the more important things like writing content and building links. You will all too often hear veteran affiliates say that “I wish I didn’t waste so much time at the start playing with design”, because they have realised that their website design did not contribute much to the success of their site.

Just get a decent template at the start and stick with it. Building links and generating content is what is going to bring you the results, and the design is just a spare wheel in your journey to success. It’s always great to have a nice design, but it’s not something that you should waste your time on when you could be doing more beneficial work for your site. As long as it looks decent and is structured well, it is fine.

Getting A Poker Website Design

Signing Up To Too Many Affiliate Programs

When I first started out, I signed up to all of the poker affiliate programs under the sun. I felt as though every program that I advertised on my site was another opportunity to get a real money player. After all, the more poker rooms I offered, the greater the chance of someone signing up right? … I couldn’t be more wrong.

There are two main problems with promoting lots of different poker rooms.

  1. Too many options for visitors
  2. RMPs spread out across many different rooms

The first is that you are over-saturating your site with a multitude of different poker rooms, and this can confuse the visitor because they have so many to choose from that they just can’t figure out which one is best for them. If you only promote 3 or so poker rooms and provide information on each, your visitor will be able to comfortably read through all of the information you have provided and then make their decision.

Because you are keeping their option choices simple, they can make an easier decision and comfortably decide on a poker room to play at. Visitors just aren’t interested in reading 20+ room reviews, they want information quick and fast and want to be told which site it the best, rather than try and figure it out for themselves. Therefore in my opinion, I think 3 is a going to be a good number of rooms to promote for the majority of new poker sites.

On top of this, the fact that you promote lots of different rooms means that your earnings will be spread out across a number of different accounts. It is going to be far better to send 10 players a month to one room, rather than 1 player to 10 different rooms. This is because you will be able to develop a closer relationship with your affiliate manager, and work with them for better deals and sort out promotions for your site.

If you are only sending one player a month to a poker room, your affiliate manager is going to be a little reluctant to raise your MGR or CPA deal, and freerolls or promotions may not seem worth their while. Getting such promotions and raises will help you earn more money from your site in a shorter period of time, which you can then reinvest to continue to develop and build you site.

Not Finding a Niche

Finding a niche is pretty much key to the success of any new poker website. There are so many big poker websites out there at the moment that it makes it almost impossible to compete with them. It would take you years to get up the standard of these big poker sites, and even then you would find it difficult to get traffic and make money. Setting up a website that is trying to appeal to everyone is just like setting up a small shop next to Tesco or Walmart; you are simply going to be out of your depth.

When I first started, I of course wanted to make the biggest and best poker website ever, and make lots and lots of money. Surprisingly enough I did not make any money from this, because all the other sites were out competing me for the search terms that I was going for in Google. I was working on my own as a new affiliate, and all the other sites had teams of workers behind them with years of experience. So it’s no surprise an all-round poker website isn’t going to make it.

Therefore the key is to find a niche that has little or no competition, or a niche that you feel you could easily make an authority site in. By attacking the smaller niches, you are making things a lot easier on yourself, and it will be easier to get traffic from Google through visitors that are searching for terms relating to your niche. When your site starts to make money in your particular niche, you can then try and expand or create new sites in slightly bigger niches and try and earn more and more money. But at the start, the best way to try and make money is to go for a niche first.

Not Learning About SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is something that all good affiliates will learn about over time and work on to get traffic to their sites. Ranking well in Google is almost essential to becoming a high-earning affiliate, and without it it’s not likely that you will ever make much money. There are a few exceptions to this of course, but in general, you want your site to rank as well as it can in Google and get as many visitors to your site as possible.

So at the start of a career as an affiliate, you should look into learning as much as you can about SEO, so that you can use some of the techniques that you have learnt whilst you develop your website. If you do not know about basic SEO techniques when you create your website, it is unlikely that you will obtain much traffic from the search engines. This will mean that you will have to go through all of your pages again and modify them so that they have the ability to rank well, when it would have been far easier to SEO your pages as you go along from the start.

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