The way it works – why Poker Affiliates can earn money online

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Poker Affiliates earn money by referring players to poker rooms

Have you ever asked yourself how poker affiliates earn money. Or better: WHY poker affiliates earn money? Let me tell you how it works: If you have ever visited an online poker room, you will be aware that you are able to play for real money against opponents in both the cash games and tournaments on offer. I would assume that the majority of people know about the ‘rake’ the poker rooms take, but here’s a little explanation for those that don’t know…

The ‘rake’ is a small amount of every cash game pot (typically 5%) that the room takes in every cash game. So in a typical pot of $10, the poker room will take 50c and leave $9.50 for the winner. Similarly in tournaments there will be a fee that every player pays to participate in the tournament on top of their buy-in. For example, in a $10 tournament there will normally be a fee of around $1. The poker rooms make their money from the rake they take in the cash games as well as the fees they charge for the tournaments.

Naturally, the poker room wants to have as many people playing for real money at their room as possible. Because if there are more players at the room, the more rake and fees the room will be taking and so the more money the room will be generating for themselves. But how exactly do the poker rooms get people to sign up and play at their poker room? This is where a poker affiliates come into play…

The poker affiliates are the people that let other people know about the online poker rooms and send players to the poker rooms. Without these poker affiliates, it is unlikely that a room will be successful because they will have very little traffic, and so they will not be able to make much money at all. Therefore as an incentive to get people to send people to their poker room, they offer money to each poker affiliate for every player that they send to the room.

MGR or CPA? Poker affiliates often have the choice?

A poker affiliate will normally have the choice between choosing between a portion of the rake that a player generates (known as MGR or revenue share), or a lump sum of money for every real money player that they send to the room (known as CPA). The MGR deals normally offer between25% and 40% depending on the particular room you promote. The ‘lump-sum’ deals also vary from room to room, ranging from $75 up to $200 at some rooms, however $100 is about the standard rate. It is entirely up to the affiliate which deal they choose, but it is often most profitable to go for MGR, because you will be making money for the absolute lifetime of every player you send. We’ve taken a closer look on the question MGR or CPA here.

It is important to note that these poker affiliates are just regular people like you and me that just so happen to send people to online poker rooms. They are not specifically recruited by the room, as anyone can just visit a poker room’s website and sign up as an affiliate. All you then have to do to make money is send people to online poker rooms and have them play for real money. The majority of affiliates will do this by setting up a poker website and sending visitors to the poker rooms through reviews and such, but it is perfectly possible to be a poker affiliate offline as well.

How players are credited to poker affiliates

You may be asking yourself how the poker rooms know which players you are sending them, and how you get credit for these players. Well, if you are an online poker affiliate you will be given special ‘affiliate links’ or ‘tracking links’ to use on your website that will be individual to you. These will look something like, and so every time someone visits the poker room through that link, they can be tracked back to you. Therefore when a player signs up for an account and starts playing for real money, the poker rooms will know whicht poker affiliate to pay for that player. Pretty clever huh?

Alternatively, poker rooms also provide bonus codes that both online and offline poker affiliates can use to track players that you send to the rooms. At many online poker rooms, players will be asked to use a bonus code before making a deposit. Therefore if a player uses your unique bonus code that you have provided them with, that player will be tracked to you and you will earn money for that player. Then at the end of each month you can be paid out by check or alternative payment for the players you have sent to the room. It really is pretty simple, and there is a lot of money to be made from this simple process.

And that’s all there is to it! If you’ve got an existing website, you might start being a poker affiliate right now. Or you want to set up a new site for your poker affiliate business? Then you might be interested in our tips for a good domain name and content writing.

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