Poker Affiliate Failures: 10 ways how not to make money as a new affiliate

poker affiliate failures ranking - disappointment

If you want to drive on the road of disappointment, read and follow our ranking of poker affiliate failures

I’ve written an article or two on the top tips for new affiliates, so let’s give it a try from the flipside. These kinds of articles are always great fun to read and they just as fun to write as well. So here are my top 10 tips on how to fail on your journey to becoming a successful poker affiliate. Enjoy!

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 1) Don’t waste time working

Making money as an online poker affiliate requires no effort at all. Just throw up a quick 5 page website (maybe 10 if you’re feeling fruity) and wait for that money to roll in. There’s no need to spend too much time writing content or working to develop your site, take it easy.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 2) Avoid advice from others

You’re the only person that knows what is best for you site and business, so don’t let other people’s comments throw you off track. They may be a lot more experienced than you, but at the end of the day you’re the only person that you should be listening to.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 3) Avoid affiliate sites / forums

There’s probably not a lot that you can read that you do not already know, so there’s no need to waste your time looking for more information. If there’s anything you need to learn, I’m sure you could figure it out by yourself after a while. Forums and affiliate sites are for the clueless wasters.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 4) Design is everything

When you’re creating your site, make sure to spend as much time as you can tweaking and developing your website design. Visitors are only interested in the design of your site, so make sure you get everything perfectly designed before you even consider adding any content.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 5) ‘Borrow’ other people’s designs and content

You can always pay for a website design or work to create your own content, but why waste all that money and effort? There is already a wealth of information and websites out there, so take your pick and choose what you think will work best for your site. I’m sure the other webmasters won’t mind.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 6) Browse stats / forums / blogs instead of working

Sure, you can write some quality content, but why not browse around the web looking for more gems of information (if you do decide to visit these places of course)? Just because you’ve already spent an hour or so checking out the big forums and blogs as well as going through your stats with a fine nit comb, it doesn’t mean you should give up there.

If you keep on checking, I’m sure you will come across a post or particular statistic that will turn your affiliating career around. So don’t pass up on the opportunity by getting bogged down writing content and developing your site.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 7) Don’t spell-check; just throw it up there quickly!

After writing your latest article, don’t delay by proof reading; just upload it to your site. You probably haven’t made any mistakes anyway, you’ve been writing for years now so you’ve got used to writing perfect articles every time. Even if you have made a mistake, I’m sure your visitors won’t notice. So just write and upload; proof reading is for wasters.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 8) The more banners the merrier

Affiliate programs are offering their banners for free to use on your site, so why not take full advantage? Most of these banners are pretty big and flashy, so they are sure to get your visitors’ attention. The more you have, the greater the chance you will have of getting a conversion. You can also try and mix it up a little by having lots of different banners for different rooms. That’s a winning combination for sure.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 9) Spam Spam Spam

Traffic at the start can be pretty slow, so you’re going to need to spread the word about your new site with some serious spamming. Hit those forums and start adding in cheeky links, as well as throwing your links into comments, and where ever else you can post a link to your site. You could do some SEO, but that takes some effort. Spamming is where it’s at these days.

Top Poker Affiliate Failures – 10) Not working? Maybe it’s time to call it a day

If you’re site doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere, then maybe poker affiliating is not for you. After all, you gave it a try with one site, what are the chances of ever making a successful one now? It’s better to knock it on the head now, rather than have another attempt. You might have more skills this time around, but it’s going to be more fun to watch the TV instead.

So there we go, those are my top tips to failing as a new poker affiliate. Hopefully if you follow them closely enough, you will be on the express route to bombing out of the online poker affiliate industry.

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