Key New Poker Affiliate Tips

Although this article may be a bit similar to ‘the first steps’, I will try my best to keep it a little shorter and provide you with some quick-fire top tips that I would give to anyone starting out as a poker affiliate. So if you are thinking about becoming a new poker affiliate, or are just getting started, these are my top tips for you to help get your website bringing in the money more quickly.

Find a niche

Finding a niche is key to becoming a successful poker affiliate. If you try and make a general poker review site or strategy site, you will not be able to get much traffic whatsoever from Google because there are so many bigger sites that will easily out compete you. The key is to attack a niche that has a relatively small amount of competition, so you will be able to bring in the traffic from Google from near enough the start because you will be able to rank higher for keywords in your niche.

Learn about good SEO first

It’s going to be a very good idea to learn all about SEO and how to optimise your pages correctly before creating your site. If you create your site and later learn about SEO, you will have a lot of work on your hands to trawl back through all of your pages, modifying each of them one at a time. It will save you a lot of time to learn about SEO first, and optimise everything as you go along, rather than having to come back to each page after a few weeks.

Get a nice design

This does not necessarily mean splash out on an expensive design for your website, but more along the lines of getting a template or design sorted near the start. If you’re not a professional web designer, you should leave the design aspect of your site in someone else’s capable hands.

If you try and design your website yourself, you will only find that you waste countless hours trying to improve a design that is only going to be second best to what someone else could do for you. So save yourself some time, and get a decent design sorted from the start. Spending time writing lots of content is going to be far more beneficial than playing round with a website design.

Write lots of content

As the saying goes… content is king. Content is the driving force behind a successful website, and so you are going to need to write a lot so that your site can start bringing you the real money players. By building a large amount of content on your site, you will have lots of points of entry from the search engines with all of the keywords in your articles, and you will be providing a solid amount of information to your visitors, so they will stick around for longer. There are many other positives about having lots of content, but at the end of the day, all you have to remember is the more content the better. So try to write an article or two a day and you can’t go wrong.


The main reason why the majority of poker affiliates fail is because they do not persevere. A lot of affiliates enter the industry expecting to make a nice few hundred dollars here and there within the first few weeks, but in this day and age this is no longer the case. It may be tough doing a lot of work for 6 months and not even seeing any money for your efforts, but I can guarantee you that if you manage to get past the breaking point you will see a nice return on your work. If you have the determination to carry on and work on your site, I am almost certain that you will be making a nice sum of money from your site(s) one day.

So there’s a quick set of tips for you, and I hope you found them useful. These are what I feel are going to point you in the right direction as an affiliate, and hopefully save you a lot of time. Many people make the mistakes of not getting a decent design at the start, or not learning about SEO before creating their pages, but it is all just part of the learning process. If you take these tips on board, you can avoid these mistakes and hopefully start earning more money more quickly than if you did not know about them.

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