How to make money promoting online poker

make money promoting online pokerAs you may or may not know, it is possible to make money online by promoting online poker rooms. Those people who have heard of it often ask me how to make money promoting online poker. It’s not too difficult to understand, so I’m going to make this article quick and simple, and highlight how you can make money by promoting online poker rooms in a few simple steps.

Make money promoting online poker – how Poker Affiliation works

  • Poker rooms make money by having people play at their poker room
  • The rooms make this money by taking a portion of each cash pot that is played (the so called rake
  • So the more people playing at the tables, the more money the room can make

Where you come in as a poker affiliate

  • To get more players to the tables, the rooms want people to promote their poker room
  • So people like me and you can promote the poker room, and send them players. They are acting as a poker affiliate
  • The poker room will then offer money in return for sending them players
  • This will either be a set amount per player (CPA), or a percentage of the amount each player makes (revenue share)

How you send players to the poker rooms

  • The typical way to send players to a poker room is to set up a poker-related site
  • You can then place links on your site to the room, and send players to the room through your links
  • Each player you send to a room is tracked – so the room knows who sent the player and you can make money promoting online poker

How much can I earn promoting online poker?

  • The rooms will normally offer $100-$150 per player or 25% of the amount they earn
  • Therefore the more players you send, the more money you can earn
  • Once you have established yourself as a poker affiliate, better deals are possible

With my personal poker site, which is establieshed since 2011, I earn several thousands of dollars every month. Some of you might think: “Wow”. But this sum might look quite laughable to some affiliates, as it’s going to be a pretty small figure compared to what some are earning. But nonetheless, I thought it would be useful to just give you a number and show that it is perfectly possible to make a decent amount of money if you become a poker affiliate. This isn’t some sales letter telling you that you will make $100,000+ in your first year as an affiliate, it’s just letting you know the possibilites of promoting online poker.

I’m sure that if you work well, you can make a good amount of money after a year.

That’s it

So that’s the whole idea of promoting poker rooms and making money; also known as ‘poker affiliating’. Hopefully I explained it well enough for you. It’s something that not many people know about, yet it can be very profitable if done correctly. If you can make a great website and send lots of players to a poker room, you stand to make a very nice amount of money.

I’m guessing that it all sounds pretty exciting, and so it should. When I first learnt about poker affiliating I couldn’t wait to learn more about it and start making poker websites to send players to the poker rooms. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much information flying around to help me out at the time. But for those who want to know about the whole world of promoting poker and making money (poker affiliating), here are a few articles for you to get your teeth into…

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