How To Dominate Your Niche

After deciding upon a particular niche to create your site within, one of your main focuses when developing your website is to try and become the authority within that area of information. Some people will be happy to make a simple site within a decent niche and move on, but for those that want to shoot for the top and make their site as successful as possible, you want to look to dominate your niche.

Dominating your niche is essentially where you become the number one site in the niche; having the site that people refer to for information on a certain subject. By having this quality information, your site should be able to pick up back-links, and in turn become far more visible than others sites within your niche, making your site the best within its field. For example, lets say you start up website based on poker mathematics.

There may be a number of other sites out there dedicated to mathematics and poker, and so to become the number one site within that niche you have to become the authority on your particular subject more than the other sites.

However, this is always easier said than done.

Types of niche

As you might expect, some niches are going to be more difficult to dominate than others. For example the ‘bonus code’ niche is heavily saturated with sites looking to go one better than one another, and so you would really need quite a lot of resources and man-power to keep afloat in that niche, let alone dominate it.

On the other hand, much more specific and less competitive niches will be much easier to dominate, and so it will take less work to get to the top. In fact, if you are entering a completely new niche, you should become the number one authority after launching your site, as there will be no other sites around to rival you.

In my opinion, any small to middle-sized niches can be dominated by a single webmaster. Some of the bigger niches could even be dominated by one webmaster alone, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to own an authority site with minimal man-power. However, that’s not to say that small or middle-sized niches can be dominated easily, as they will also require a solid amount of effort and focus. But simply put, if you can knuckle down and work to the best of your ability, dominating a niche is by no means an impossible task.

How to dominate your niche

The key to dominating your niche is… quality content (surprise surprise).

(I was actually planning on putting a nice bulleted list here of the things that you need to do to dominate your niche, but I couldn’t think of anything as important as good quality content is.)

The best sites within any niche always have top quality content that is both informative and helpful to the visitor. More importantly, this information is as accurate as possible and be correct to the best of the writer’s knowledge.

If you were to create a site with little content and poor information, you can never expect to have a site that will dominate its niche. However, if you create a site with key information and tips on a particular area of poker, with unique information that similar sites do not offer, you stand a much better chance of becoming the ‘go-to site’ in your niche. It’s not always easy to continuously write fresh and informative information for your site, but it is something that you will have to get used to if you want to create a site that will blow other portals out of the water.

You should try and think of your site as a machine, where every piece of content you add is another addition to make it work better and faster (doing whatever job it does). With each piece of content you add, you want it to work with the site to the best of its ability, making it much more useful and efficient. It may seem like a crazy way to think, but if you can keep this idea of your site being like a machine, it really will help to make each piece of content as useful as possible, and allow you to create a Titan when it comes to creating an informative portal.

Keeping one step ahead

Another key point when you look to dominate your niche is to always stay one step ahead of your competitors. If you can offer something that your competitor’s sites cannot, then visitors will be more interested in visiting your site than others’. This means that if you intend on simply looking at other sites within your niche for the latest information, and merging together everything you can find to try and create the number one site, it just isn’t going to work out too well.

There is no harm in using extra information here and there for help, but if you are relying solely on others to guide you with the content on your site, you are just going to end up creating another run of the mill type of site. So use your initiative to keep you ahead of the game.

The way to keep ahead of your competitors is to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes, and think about what you would be interesting in reading/using when you visit your site. Make sure to keep an open mind, and try and think outside of the box as much as you can. If you think up enough ideas, there should be a number that you can take advantage of and implement on your site to help you get your nose out infront of your rivals.


You don’t have to always dominate your niche to make money, but it sure helps you to maximize the potential of your site. If you can manage it, it is always better to get to the top of the tree and pick all the best apples, rather than sit at the bottom and pick up the left overs. Knowing what you have to do to dominate your niche isn’t hard… its the actual work that is the tricky part. However, if you have the determination and drive, having the best site within your niche is usually going to be perfectly attainable.

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