How To Choose A Good Poker Affiliate Program

how to choose a good poker affiliate programI’m sure that when many of you look to choose an affiliate program to promote, your eyes quickly move to the room offering the highest CPA and MGR deals. Whilst it does make sense to choose a high paying program (because higher commission equals more money, right?), it is by no means the only factor that you should base your choice around. Check out our guide to choose a good poker affiliate program. And, for those who are looking for an instant recommendation: we have made only the best experiences with 888 affiliates.

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But let’s move on with the topic – how do you find the right poker affiliate program? And what to look at besides a high CPA or Revshare Deal. There are a number of other incredibly important affiliate program factors to think about, including:

  • Conversion rates
  • Reliability
  • Support

Affiliate Program Conversion Rates

A room can offer you the highest CPA or MGR deal in the world, but it’s not going to be of any use if the room can’t turn the people you send to the room into real money players.


You want to make sure to choose a room that is trustworthy. You will be losing a lot of money if an affiliate program isn’t tracking every player you send, even if they are offering you $200+ per player. Here on I only review rooms that I fully trust to track every player I send.


A good support team is vital. It’s great to know that there is someone on the affiliate program that is happy to work with you to make your site a success. A good support team will help you set up tournaments and private promotions to help you bring in those real money players from month to month. There’s nothing worse than having a support team that ignores your emails.

When you choose a poker room to promote, you want to make sure that they incorporate all of the key factors above, which can be found in our poker affiliate program reviews. However, be sure to not let high commission rates mask over areas that are lacking in the affiliate program. You may be setting yourself up for bigger problems down the line.

Have you ever played on any racing or fighting games? Remember how the best fighters or cars were usually the ones with great all-round ability, and not just specialised in one field? Same thing applies to choosing a good poker affiliate program; go for the great all-rounder, and not the one that’s going to let you down later on down the road.

(Okay, enough with that analogy)

Play at the poker room itself

One of the best ways to choose a good poker affiliate program is to actually play at the poker room itself before signing up as an affiliate. If you play at the tables for a while and like what you see, then there is a good chance that people you send to the room will feel the same way. Remember that people you send to the room are just like you, so send them somewhere that they will like.

Ask yourself the following questions about the room whilst playing:

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