Getting Money To Start Out

Being a new poker affiliate is never easy. If you look at some of the bigger poker affiliates out there, you can easily see that they will always have more than enough money to fund projects and jump into new ventures as and when they please, simply because they’ve got the money to back them up. Furthermore, failing isn’t going to be too much of a big deal, as there is always going to be more money left in the kitty and more coming in over coming weeks and months to help them get over it.

But what if you’re a new affiliate? You feel pretty much stuck in a hole with a limited amount of money to play with, and any money that you do invest in your project is going to mean a lot to you. So what’s your game plan right now? The biggest problem is the fear of throwing money into something that you are not entirely sure is going to work, so what do you do?

Money isn’t everything

Your best plan of action is to limit the amount of money that you spend on your site when you are starting out. You do not need to buy flashy designs or advertising, all you need to do is write lots of good quality content, work on your SEO and get people to link to you. Fortunately, all of these essentials are completely free, so there is no need to fork out any money just yet. Your main goal is to rinse and repeat the method of – content – SEO – links – until your site starts to get a foothold in the Google rankings.

I know of a number of affiliates that started with literally nothing, but are now making ridiculous amounts of money. When it comes to being successful, it’s you drive to do well and work ethic that helps you to create a money-making site, not how much money you have in your wallet. The great thing about Internet Marketing and being a poker affiliate is that anyone can do it, regardless of how much money you have. So there’s no point in trying to use the excuse of ‘not having enough capitol’ for not being able to create a profitable site. It isn’t going to wash with me, and you are not doing yourself any favours.

Using CPA to get an initial boost

In the CPA vs Rev Share article, I highlighted how rev share is best for profits over the long run. But what if you want the money now? One of the most attractive features about a CPA deal is that it is like an instant reward on your efforts, whereas MGR (rev share) is like a gradual build up over time, that can take a long time before the full potential is reached. So if you are a new affiliate, a CPA deal can be a lifesaver.

When you start getting your first CPAs through, the main idea is to save it and reinvest it wisely back into the development of your site. It can be incredibly tempting to take it to the poker tables or withdraw it and go to town with it, but if you are a serious affiliate you should be looking to reinvest the money so that you will be earning double what you have earned the next month. So keep focused and look forward to future goals rather than thinking about what you have in your hands right now.

Investing in a design

When you do have a little money spare to push into your poker affiliating venture, you will be best off investing it in a unique website design. I know that I always say how design is not important, but when it comes to making your first investment into your site, getting a solid website design is the safest option to start out with. In addition, a revamp of your site can do wonders to spike your motivation levels, and so it may well do more than just give your visitors something a little prettier to look at.

If you don’t have the money spare however, I wouldn’t fret about getting your first unique design. Just keep plugging away and wait until you build up enough revenue from your site so that you can reinvest it in the future. Give it time and it will come.


Essentially, the main point of this article is to highlight that you do not need money to be successful as you are starting out, but if you do need a little boost, the CPA deal is your best option. In my opinion, if the thought of not having enough money is really dragging you down, I think that you are just looking for excuses to not work hard enough to reach your goals. I’m not trying to be harsh, but it’s just the reality of it all.

Fancy designs and advertising are just bonuses when you have the money at hand, but they do not make up the core of a good poker site. Sure, things will be easier in the future when you have more money, but that is because you will also have more knowledge and confidence to back it up. But for now, you just need to keep plugging away and reminding yourself that the light is at the end of the tunnel, but only if you make the effort to get there.

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