Action And Effect As A Poker Affiliate

One thing that you will come to realise as a poker affiliate is that there are rarely any immediate payoffs for the work that you do. For example, you could work incredibly hard on your sites for a solid month, but you may not see any changes in your income at the end of that month. However, in a few weeks or months after, you will start to reap the rewards of your efforts.

For many, this is enough to drive them away from internet marketing because there are no instant rewards. Nobody likes to work hard for nothing in return; so many new poker affiliates will simply pack it all in before they even give themselves a fighting chance to make money. However, the affiliates that look toward the future rewards rather than the immediate results of their efforts are the ones that survive, and they are usually the ones that end up making a sizeable amount of money.

This situation is especially true at the breaking point for poker affiliates, where you can go for months without seeing any real income. This is normally due to the lack of traffic from being in the Google sandbox, and so there is no traffic to try and convert into real money players. But this is something that all poker affiliates have to go through, and it helps to weed out the dedicated affiliates from the make-money-quick affiliates.

So right from the start as a poker affiliate, you will learn how there is always going to be a time lapse between the work you do for your sites, and the rewards for the work you have been doing. But why is there this period of time to separate the work and the earnings as a poker affiliate?

Getting a site to make more money

Let’s say for example we own a nice poker portal that contains poker strategy and poker rooms reviews (It’s a little typical, but let’s just carry on anyway). Luckily we are out of the sandbox, but we still have an emerging site that does not currently receive high volumes of traffic. So our main goal is to try and help this site make more money for us, which is pretty much what all poker affiliates are looking to do.

Anyways, the best way to help increase the earnings for our site is to get more traffic coming to it. Now we know that one of the best ways to increase traffic is to add lots of content and work on SEO to help with the rankings of our site and its newest articles. So a month is going to be dedicated to writing quality poker articles and SEO-ing them to bring in the traffic.

However, we are already finding out where a delay can pop in between our current work and potential earnings…

  • The time we spend writing articles
  • The time it takes learning good SEO

On top of this, there are the two biggest influences in the time between action and effect as a poker affiliate after we have uploaded the articles to our site…

  • The time it takes for article to get indexed
  • The time it takes for those articles to start ranking well

With writing content and SEO, you have complete control over how long it will take you to get the job done. As an experienced affiliate the job can be done even quicker if you already know a lot about SEO and have other people writing for you. But although we can affect the way our articles get indexed and rank, it is a little more out of our hands as far as time scale is concerned.

It is in Google’s hands to decide how well our articles are ranked, and we have to work on building links and general SEO to give them the best chance of reaching the top of the results pages. However, this is where the long wait comes in, as we are building links and waiting for Google to decide where and when our articles will be ranked. This period can easily take weeks or months, and it is the main factor that contributes to the time it takes for you to get paid of for your hard work.


As a poker affiliate, you really have to prepare for the fact that you will rarely get instantly paid off for the hard work to put into developing your sites. It’s not nice to not know whether or not you’re doing the right thing as far as SEO and other things go, but the majority of the time you will usually be working for the benefit of your site. So don’t lose faith in your work.

Many affiliates will turn to becoming content writers for others, as it offers an immediate one-time payoff for your efforts. However, it will be much more beneficial in the long run to post your work onto your own site, as that article will remain there permanently, bringing in traffic for the life of your site, and also bringing in those real money players. Poker webmasters stand to make a lot more money than content writers.

The choice is yours, but it’s always better to think about the long run, rather than the present when it comes to working on your sites.

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