Domain Registration for Poker Affiliates

There are literally thousands of sites out there that will allow you to register a web domain through them; all you have to do is a quick search in Google for “Domain Registration” and you will be able to see a huge list of companies offering their services. Most of these will do a good job when it comes to registering a domain, so as long as you stick with a reputable looking site you should be fine. The major difference between these companies is that some charge more than others, and so you should shop around to find the best deal.But for those looking for a recommendation… I have found the following sites to be very reliable, and offer very good value for money when registering a domain.

Active-Domain $9.95/year
Active-Domain is my personal favorite when it comes to domain hosting, as a simple .com domain will only cost $9.95 per year. In addition, the site will offer great alternative suggestions if your desired domain has already been registered.

GoDaddy $9.99/year
GoDaddy is easily one of the most popular domain registration sites, as it offers very cheap domain registration whilst offering a very good service at the same time. A typical .com domain costs only $9.99 per year.

You can search around as much as you like to find a good place to register your domain, but you will find that each company will offer similar services for around the same price (probably more). I would be very wary about any sites offering domains for under $9 a year, as $10 per year is around industry standard for a good .com domain per year.

One tip when it comes to purchasing a domain is that I would avoid buying a domain and hosting in the same package from one company. If for some reason you have problems with hosting and decide to change your host, you won’t have any trouble with keeping the domain name. It will be better to avoid the slightly cheaper package deal for better peace of mind when it comes to looking after your domain name if any problems arise in the future.