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No matter if you are having your website designed by a professional, or trying to create your own web design yourself, there are always some web design tips that you can take on board to make sure that your site looks as appealing as possible to your visitors. There are often times where I will think to myself “This site would look so much better if they only did this…” and it’s a bit of a shame that people overlook some small things that really can have a major effect on the general feel of a website.

You can find lots of different web design tips on the web, but these are my own personal ones that I think everyone should be reminded about before (and whilst) making a website.

Use a good font

If you are providing content to your visitors, it should be obvious that you will want to make the content easy to read for your visitors. Yet you will be surprised at how many people will use a font that they feel makes the site look funky and unique, but all it does is deter the visitor from browsing through your site. Its not fun trying to read through a big article that has been written in a strange font, so make it easy for your visitors to absorb all the quality information you are providing them.

Another thing that people fail to notice is that the Times New Roman font is not as good as people think. Although it may be the default font for a few programs, it does not necessarily make it the best. Some of the best fonts to use are Arial, Verdana and Tahoma, as the letters are clearly defined and spaced out nicely as you can see below.

Keep your font consistent

Throughout your site, you should always try and keep all of your text in the same font. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the font you use across your site does not really make a difference, because it really does. It is surprising at how unattractive a site can become if lots of different fonts are being used in different places. It makes it look as though the site is not quite the finished article, and that it is still in construction.

Don’t make your pages too wide

Another thing that can instantly turn me off about a site is if it has a horizontal scrollbar across the bottom because the page is too wide. Nobody minds a vertical scrollbar; it’s what web users are used to. But a horizontal scrollbar is just an inconvenience, and it’s going to be really frustrating for me and other people to have to scroll back and forth on each page to see what is going on, because a lot of the time something will be hiding across the page.

There are not that many people that use 800×600 anymore, so just make sure that your page fits on a 1064×728 screen and you will be fine. If its any bigger a lot of your visitors will get a horizontal scrollbar, and a lot of your visitors won’t want to stick around for too long. It may sound picky, but it’s surprising how annoying an over-sized site can be.

Use static banners instead of animated/flash banners

If you are going to use banners or ads on your poker site, it’s going to look a lot more attractive to have a static banner rather than something flashy and animated. If you come across a site with lots of flashy banners all moving around at once, its just going become annoying and make the site look tacky. But if you do want to use an animated banner, use them in moderation.

Don’t worry about people not noticing the banners if they are not flashing, because most people have blindness to these sort of ads after years of web surfing. I can safely say that people are not more likely to click on your banners because they are flashing, because it is unlikely that they are paying attention to them in the first place. If anything I am more likely to click on a subtle static banner rather than a big flashy one, and it will make the site look a whole lot better. So as well as static banners looking better, they have the ability to convert traffic well. Have you ever based the quality of a poker room on whether or not the room had a big flashing banner? So keep it classy, not tacky.

Keep it easy to navigate

If you want people to hand around your site, you want to make it easy from them to navigate. You want to structure your website well enough so that your visitors to can find the information they need easily, without overcrowding all of your pages with too much content and links. It’s your content, so you want to provide it to your visitors in the best way possible.

This is easier said than done, and it can be difficult to get the right balance. You don’t want to over-fill your navigation with a long list of links, but then you don’t want to have it so sparse that people have to search all around your site to find what they are looking for. To help get a user-friendly structure, always take the time to think about the layout of your site, and take a step back from time to time and look to see if you can make any improvements.

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