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The poker room reviews are an important constituent of many poker portals. It’s not too likely that a visitor will visit a poker room just because of a pretty banner on your site, which is why you will normally need to provide information and ratings on a poker room in the form of a review page to help get those RMPs. This way your visitor can make an educated decision on whether or not the poker room is worth their time and money.

People that visit poker portals looking for information on strategy, reviews and such are not easily wooed into playing at a particular poker room because you say it’s great and you have lots of banners on your site. Visitors want to be provided with information and form their own opinions on the rooms, which means that we need to cater to their needs to help convert visitors on our poker room review pages.

Here are a few pointers about how to create high-quality, converting poker room review pages…

Play at the room before you review

This may be common sense to most affiliates, but it’s quite surprising that some poker affiliates don’t actual visit the rooms before they review them. Actually playing at the room is essential, as it allows you to pick up on the important features of a room and give an honest and accurate review. But don’t just spend 5 minutes at the room, spend an hour playing at the room at least so that you can fully explore the pros and cons of the room.

If you do not play at the room, you will probably end up making the review up, or relying on copying information from someone else’s review. This is never a good idea, as nobody wants to read about made up information or browse over a re-hash of someone else’s work. It’s going to be much easier and more beneficial to play at the room, and write a great review for your readers. Why should they trust you if you write reviews on rooms you have never experienced for yourself?

Don’t over-rank each room

It’s all too tempting for affiliates to rank each poker room they promote as highly as possible, and write gleaming reviews about every aspect of the rooms. However, although you might think that telling your visitors that each room is awesome; it is more likely to be doing more harm than good.

If someone visits your site and sees that all the rooms you have reviews are all ranked 10 out of 10, you are making two things happen;

  1. Visitors will not be able to distinguish which room is the best, and so will have little idea about which room will be best for them.
  2. Your reviews will not look legitimate, and it will be obvious that you are just trying to force visitors to sign up with your overly generous reviews. So they will look elsewhere for honest information on which rooms are better than others.

All you have to do is be honest, and give rankings on how good you think the room is. Visitors value honest opinions on rooms rather than a list of biased reviews with no decisive information. There’s no harm in writing an honest review of a poor poker room; although you are unlikely to get any conversions for that 2/10 poker room, at least you are more likely to get a conversion at the 9/10 poker room because your reviews are honest.

If you can’t make decisions on which rooms are better than others, your visitors are going to look elsewhere for sites that can.

Provide lots of information, but keep it useful

When you write a room review, you want to start writing with the intention of your review being the number 1 source on the Internet for information on that particular poker room. If you can provide lots of information to your visitors, they will be less inclined to look elsewhere for information, thus increasing your chances of getting your hands on an RMP.

If you get lazy with your reviews and just keep them short with little information, your visitors are going to want to look elsewhere for information on the room before they sign up. Poker players like to know the facts before the visit a site, so make sure you are the person that can give it to them so you can get that all important conversion under your belt.

In addition to writing lots of information, make sure to keep it concise and provide information that will be useful to the reader. Its all well and good offering an in depth review, but most visitors are not going to care about the things that make no difference to their online experience. So keep it useful, and try and think outside the box a little. Try and talk about interesting things that others might forget, like; Software loading time, game speed, 4-color deck availability, live chat support, withdrawal times. It’s these kinds of things that your visitors are going to be interested in.

Use images and quick facts

Visitors love to be able to actually see what the room is like without having to download it, so make sure you provide them with a screen shot or two. It’s pretty standard to show a screen shot of the table and lobby, but if you feel that your review will benefit with a screen shot of another area of the room; feel free to add it. Again, if you don’t provide screenshots of the room, your visitors may look elsewhere to find another portal that does provide them with useful screenshots.

Similarly, visitors like to see quick facts and figures about the room. Although they are not vital to the success of your review page, it’s nice to see interesting facts like the year the room was established, bonus amount, which network the room is part of, Mac compatibility and so on near the top of the page. It’s the little touches like these that set your review apart from the other 3 paragraph “this room is brilliant” room reviews.

Place affiliate links wisely

After writing your top-notch review, you will need to have a think about where you will place the links to the room in question. It’s all well and good to throw a link in at the bottom of the review, but this may well go un-noticed, and your visitor may end up typing in www.thepokerroom.com rather than clicking on your links. Make it easy for your visitors, and provide them with an obvious link to click on to visit the site rather than have them type in the room address because they can’t find a link to the site.

It would be a terrible shame to lose an RMP because of an unfortunately placed affiliate link, so have a think about placement after writing your review. However, be careful not to litter your review with too many links and make it look scruffy, keep it clean.

My favourite way to place affiliate links is to have a ‘www.thepokerroom.com’ link near the top (obviously using the affiliate link over it) and have ‘play poker at poker room X’ placed in the middle of the review page after every 2 or 3 paragraphs. I will then have a slightly larger and bolded ‘play poker at poker room X now’ at the bottom of the page, so it is noticeable by anyone that has happened to quickly scroll down the page.

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