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As a Webmaster, one of your main goals when developing your sites is to generate as much quality content as possible. As you should have realised by now, the content on your pages is going to form the backbones of your site, which is going to help you compete with other websites and become the authority in specific niches. Everything else on your site you might improve like design and features are just going to be nice extras, as content is the main driving force behind almost every successful website.

Unless you can afford to outsource your content, you should be looking to become a content generating machine as much as possible. Every article you write is another opportunity to make money, and will help to take you to the next step on the affiliating ladder. After you have written an article, it is yours forever and there is nothing anyone can do to take it away. This means that you can build a mountain of information that will never decrease, and will remain on the web for years to come generating money for you from month to month.

However, although it’s easy enough to say, “generate as much content as possible”, actually getting around to doing it is another matter. Many affiliates can become terrible procrastinators, and they will use any excuse to avoid opening up a word document and get their head down to write some articles. There is always going to be some stats to be checked, or some forum to browse over, and so the process of writing content gets pushed further and further back until you have fewer hours in the day to write.

I know this just as well as anyone, as I have succumbed to procrastination many a time. But to become successful, you really have to spend your working time actually doing work, and not just browsing over things that will not really develop your site at all. Of course its important to keep up to date on all of your stats and read up on information in the poker affiliate world, but how productive is this going to be the majority of the time? If you compare spending an hour writing content and an hour checking stats, the content writing option is going to propel you to success a lot faster than any time spent checking through information that’s you’re probably not even going to work upon.

But that’s enough about motivation for now, we need to discuss about the content that you should be generating for your site…

When you create a niche specific site, you should look to create as much content as possible around that particular niche. You want to be the biggest resource on the web for that niche, because this will make you an authority site that will stand out in the world of online poker. So there is no point in writing endless poker news articles if your site is designed to target people looking for stud strategy. Sure, its great to have lots of unique content, but don’t waste your time on providing information that visitors aren’t going to be looking for, so stick to your niche!

Finding out where to get your content from can become a little difficult at times, but if you know a few tricks that you can use to get ideas, you should never have a problem with finding articles to write about. Here are my 3 favourite ways to find ideas for articles:

  • Browse around poker forums
  • Look at keywords people are using to get to your site
  • Look through other sites in your niche

By browsing through poker forums, you can find lots of topics of discussion that players are trying to find answers for. A lot of the time people will ask great questions, and there will be a whole host of replies with some quality information contained in them. The great thing with some of these threads is that you can use the question that is looking to be answered as a potential title for an article, and then use the replies to influence what you might write down in the article. However, DO NOT just copy and paste the information in the thread, write the whole article yourself, but just use the information to help you.

Similarly, if you check the keywords people are using to get to your site, you can often find some great new ideas for articles. Sometimes people will get to your page on an unrelated search by accident, but this search term may provide you with a great idea for an article you can write, so why not provide it to your future visitors?

On top of this, you can also check over other sites in your niche, and see if you have missed out on something that you can write about for your visitors. But don’t make an average article on the same topic that you have found, make your article much better than the other site’s, and provide the user with more quality information. People are always looking for more and more information, so give it to them.

So those are my top tips for finding ways to generate content. As another tip, always jot down potential articles that you could write in a notepad file somewhere. There have been so many occasions where I have thought of a great article topic, but have completely forgotten about it because I didn’t note it down somewhere. I have a little notepad file in the corner of my desktop entitled ‘possible articles’, which always comes in handy when I sit down at my computer to write content. If you have a constant supply of possible articles, you are never going to be stuck for work.

For further information, check out the article on content writing tips.

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