Interlinking Your Articles

This is going to be a quick article based on the importance of interlinking between your web pages.

Throughout your site, you should always try and link between articles as much as possible. For example, if you have a handful of articles based on a similar topic, you should try and link each of these articles between each other. This is because inter-linking your articles has two excellent benefits.

Reader Benefits

If you have a visitor reading one article and they notice a link to another article on a similar topic, there is more chance that you will be able to keep that visitor reading and to hang around your site a little longer. This in turn will help the visitor realise how useful your site is, and so they are likely to come back to browse through your pages again to find more information, jumping from page to page. The more time your visitors spend on your site, the more likely it is that you will get a conversion.

For example, how many times have you spent hours on Wikipedia or YouTube just clicking from one page or video to another because of the related links that you are provided with? It’s crazy how many times I have gone to YouTube to just watch one video, yet I end up spending hours there hopping from one video to the next because of the related video links they are throwing at me. So try to do the same with your work.

SEO Benefits

If you are writing lots of articles, then you want to try and keep them ‘alive’ in your site by linking to them from other pages. If you write loads of articles but do not interlink them with other pages, they will simply get buried and almost forgotten about. So not only will your readers have a hard time trying to find your work, but so will Google and other search engines.

So with all of your pages, you want to try and keep them equally important in Google’s eyes. As you should know from the basics of SEO, Google likes to use links to help rank pages in order of importance. So even though these links won’t be from other sites, Google will still recognise the links and help rank the page you are interlinking to as more important. So if you do this between all of your pages, you will be helping Google to understand the importance of each of your pages and keep them ranking nicely.

A Few Pointers

It’s all well and good to go through your site and start interlinking those pages, but there are a few points that you should remember before you start adding links.

  • Firstly, try to keep the pages that you interlink between related to one another. Don’t try and force a link between two pages, just keep them as natural as possible. Just go through your pages and see if you pick up on anything that you can link to on another part of your site. Let the links jump out at you, don’t force them.
  • Don’t overuse interlinking in your articles. If you are linking to another page on your site in every other sentence, you are going to have a pretty colourful page full of links mixed with normal text, which isn’t going to look too pretty. Furthermore, I’m guessing that the majority of these interlinks will be forced, and your article will be pretty poor. So use it in moderation.
  • Use anchor text when you are interlinking. Instead of having something like “For more information on poker mathematics, click here” with the “click here” part linked, try something like “For more information, read our article on poker mathematics” with the “Poker Mathematics” part linked. This will help Google to understand what the page is about and help the page with SEO and its rankings.
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