How To Write Effective Newsletters

Keeping in contact with the visitors to your site is a great way to improve conversions by marketing to people that may not have previously signed up for a poker room through you. However, it is all well and good to set up a newsletter and get people to subscribe, but the key part to getting those extra conversions under your belt is to send out useful and effective newsletter to your subscribers.

One of the most common errors when creating a newsletter service to your visitors is to offer one thing on your site, and then send out newsletters that are unrelated to what you initially said they would be about. Basically, if you are setting up a newsletter and describing it as a ‘strategy tips’ newsletter to get your visitors to sign up, you should not go about regularly emailing those subscribers with bonus offers left right and center. The people are subscribing to your newsletter with the belief that they will be receiving some useful strategy tips in the form of a newsletter to benefit their game, so make sure that you give it to them.

Many webmasters will see the newsletter as an excuse to spam the hell out of subscribers with as many bonus offers as possible, hoping to squeeze out those extra conversions every week. In my opinion this is really unfortunate, and is frankly an abuse of what the newsletter is there for.

The more you try and force your subscribers to convert with random bonus offers, the more your newsletter is just going to look like spam, and the number of subscribers will diminish along with your site’s credibility. However, if you treat your newsletter as an extension of the information on your site, then the returning visitors number and number of conversions will naturally increase.

What should you include in your newsletter?

As I have already mentioned, the content of your newsletters will be entirely dependant on the type of newsletter your are offering. If you are offering a ‘poker news newsletter’, then give your visitors interesting updates and news in the world of poker. If you are offering ‘Omaha strategy’, then give your subscribers newsletters filled with Omaha strategy and tips.

As long as you give your visitors exactly what they are expecting (and even exceed those expectations), you will have a loyal base of subscribers that look forward to seeing your newsletter in their inbox, and not considering it as another useless spam email that they regrettable signed up for in the past. Having a loyal readership should be your number one goal when creating your newsletter service, so try your best to write quality content and information that your visitors will be interested in.

Earlier in this article, I made it seem as though sending out bonus offers to your subscribers is a bad idea… this of course isn’t completely the case. If you actually own a poker bonus website and offer a ‘poker bonus’ newsletter, then it makes perfect sense to only include bonus offers in your newsletters.

However, you want to look to only ever offer quality bonus offers that your visitors will be genuinely interested in. If your readers can tell that you have their best interests at heart, then you are far more likely to get a loyal readership that are happy to take you up on your bonus offers. If you just bombard them with standard offers and try to force them into signing up with overly persuasive language, your visitors will see right through it, and your newsletter and site will lose a lot of credibility.

Remember that quality and honesty is the key to making money from your newsletters.

How to get conversions from your newsletters

After you have started to form a loyal readership for your newsletter, you can look to start monetizing your newsletter service (which is more than likely the reason you would have started a newsletter in the first place). The key to making money from your newsletters is to offer something that your readers will be genuinely interested in. Here are a few examples of ways you can monetize your newsletters

  • Affiliates links to poker rooms (highlighting bonuses etc.)
  • Affiliate links to poker software
  • Pay per lead affiliate links

As I have highlighted throughout this article, you want to provide useful information to your subscribers… so there is no harm in offering a certain bonus in a strategy newsletter if you feel that your visitors will find it useful. It is important to remember to put your readers’ interests first, and your profits second; you are going to do a lot better by offering a good bonus with little monetary return on your part, than you would if you offered a poor bonus that would make you more money per player. If you can get your readers to respect your opinion as far as offers go, you are far more likely to get them to convert into real money players.

A great option for webmasters with poker strategy newsletters is to include links to online poker software, as these can be very effective in helping online players analyze their gaming, helping them to develop and win more money. One of the best pieces of online poker software is PokerOffice, which runs an affiliate program that offers up to $50 per purchase. This software is genuinely useful, and so it shouldn’t be too difficult to market this to your readers and get a few signups. This is just one of a number of poker programs that you affiliate for and market to your readers.

The pay per lead affiliate links are a little rarer than standard CPA or MGR deals, but there are a few available if you search around. Using this method you can get a solid amount of money if people visit certain sites through your affiliate link and fill out a form.

A few extra tips

Try not to make your newsletters too big. When people are browsing their mail, they are not in the right frame of mind to read long chunks of text. So keep them compact and interesting.

Be careful when adding images, as a lot of the time they will be blocked and prevented from appearing in many web mail websites. Focus mainly and the content, and only add images if you feel they are really necessary, and will help convey your message or help with conversions.

Relax and be yourself when you are writing your newsletters. Your newsletters will be far more entertaining if you let your persoanlity shine through, so don’t be afraid to be a little more informal than you might be with your main site. Readers are far more likely to open up future newsletters and return to your site if you can connect to them by writing a more personal style newsletter.

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