How To Write Content Your Visitors Will Love

Hopefully by now you are skilled when it comes to writing quality content for your website. As you know, the higher the standard of information on your site, the more successful it will be. However, there are certain types of articles that do a far better job of catching people’s attention than others, enticing them to read on. But what kind of articles do casual web browsers love to read?

The “Top 10” Article

Not only are “top 10” articles some of the most eye catching articles, but it extends to anything listing the top X of anything or something along those lines. Any article with this sort of title is almost irresistible to any passing visitor, and is sure to catch their attention. For example, take a look at the article titles below. Which of these looks more interesting?

  • Guide to bluffing your poker opponents
  • Top 10 tips on how to bluff your opponents

Immediately your eyes are drawn to the “top 10” article, simply because it looks far more interesting. By looking at the title it suggests that the article will be in a listed format, which web users love to read. People browsing the web are always on the look out for quick and easy information, and articles containing lists and bullet points are always a fan favourite.

I’m no psychologist, so I can’t explain exactly why people are fascinated by the top 10 of one thing or another, but then again I don’t need to. If you check out some of the top social bookmarking sites like, you will often find “top 10” articles on the front page. This is because people just love to read them, and they are sure to catch people’s attention as you scan through the list of articles.

Remember, it doesn’t just stop at the “top 10” of something. It could be the top X of anything, and it will still look interesting. As long as the title suggests that the article will contain a list of top tips or an interesting list of any kind, your visitors are going to want to click on it.

Easy to write

One of the best aspects about these types of articles is that they are exceptionally easy to write. Whilst in most articles you have to make sure your information flows correctly from one paragraph to another, with an article listing the top 10 of something you don’t have the worry of making sure everything fits perfectly. All you have to do is write down one title after another giving a short explanation on each. Before you know it you’ve got to number 10 and your work is done.

This means that these articles are a great for people suffering from writer’s block. All you have to do is list a few things, write a little bit of information on each and you are done. So just give them a try, it probably won’t take you any longer than 20 minutes to write one. In addition, as well as the articles being fun to read, they are equally as enjoyable to write.

How many should you have on your site?

The more interesting articles you have on your site the better, so there is no real limit to how many “top 10” articles you can have on your site. However, you wouldn’t want to create some gimmick site with just top 10 lists of everything and anything about poker, so make sure you have to some good quality, “standard” articles to back them up.

Everyone loves to browse over these lists, but you want to provide some meaty articles that people can get their teeth into to give your site some credibility.

But at the end of the day, if you can find a good balance between the two types of articles, the more interesting information you have on your site the better. People are sure to stick around your site for a while if you have a nice number of “top 10s” to keep them occupied.

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