How Long Should Your Poker Articles Be?

It’s a great talent to be able to write well, especially if you can write good poker strategy, news and reviews. However, sometimes knowing when to stop writing, or when to carry on can be a little bit tricky to figure out. In other words, it’s not always easy knowing how long to make your poker articles.

The problem with writing an article is that if you make it too short, you might be disappointing your visitors with a lack of information; but if you make it too long you could be overwhelming your visitors with too much information. It’s nice to have lots of information on something, but a lot of the time a casual reader wants quick information without the hassle of reading reams of paragraphs, even if the content is great.

I am sure that there have been a number of times where you have seen a huge article and thought “f*** that”, and clicked back off the page. Similarly, there will have been times where you wished you had more info on a topic, which can be a real shame.

So again, how long should you make your articles?

It all really depends on what the article is about, which is why I am going to split my recommendations up into 3 sections: Strategy Articles, News Articles and Room Reviews. These are probably going to be the 3 most common types of content that you will be writing as a poker webmaster, so these are the ones I am going to address. So here we go…

Strategy Articles

As a general rule when it comes to writing strategy articles, I never hold back on the word count. My reason for this is that if I’m writing an article on a particular piece of strategy, I want to try and explain things as clearly as possible to try and help the reader understand the concepts of what I am trying to convey as fully as possible. I’m sure that if I tired to confine my strategy articles to 500 words, I would be leaving out a shed load of important information each time and my article would be pretty useless as a resource.

However, this does not mean that I shoot to write the longest strategy article possible. I always try hard to keep the information as concise as best as I can. I really don’t want to write more than I need to, so I make sure I re-read my work and take out any unnecessary words or sentences to help keep the article as short as I can.

If I ever find that I write a very long strategy article and cannot condense it to at least less than 1200 words, I will be tempted to split the article up into a part.1 and part.2 (or maybe even part.3 or more if necessary). Even if the content is quality and as concise as humanly possible, a big chunk of text is not going to look attractive to anyone, so splitting articles up into smaller chunks is a great way of keeping those strategy articles looking sweet.

Although I never aim for a target, I feel a good strategy article normally consists of around 800-1000 words.

News Articles

News articles can be a little tricky, because you get the casual browsers that want to scan through the interesting information and pick up the quick facts, whereas others will be on a search to find the smallest details on a particular news item. Accommodating for both types of visitor is not going to be easy, but you can help to keep both interested if you know a simple trick.

A very popular method of displaying news articles is to have a short, bolded summary at the top of the paragraph, with the rest of the more in depth content below it. This way, you can appeal to both the scanners and the more interested readers.

When it comes to length, the more information the better; but again, you want to try and hit the right spot when it comes to length so that your news article doesn’t look overly daunting. A lot of the time however you may be constricted when it comes to what you can write, unless of course you are writing the news from first hand experience. So writing huge news articles will not always be possible.

In my opinion, some of the best news articles usually reach around 600-800 words (if you can write that much), which is perfect to provide all the information you need without rambling on about something off topic or unrelated to the news in question.

Room Reviews

It is in writing poker room reviews that the rare situation occurs where you may need to try and overwhelm your visitor with information. By overwhelm I don’t necessarily mean provide ridiculous amounts of content, but instead provide so much information that they will be satisfied and not feel the need to look anywhere else for more.

When a poker player searches for a poker room review, they want to find out as much about the room as possible. After all, these people are considering making deposit at these poker rooms, so they want to have a firm idea about whether or not a particular room is going to be worth their money. So you should be aiming to provide these visitors with all the information they need.

But anyways, when it comes to writing poker room reviewsI wouldn’t be writing anything less than 800 words. This may seem like a lot, and you may be able to convert visitors well with smaller reviews, but this is my personal opinion on what I think will help to convert as many visitors as possible. As long as the content is interesting and relevant, it really will be the more the merrier.

A key point however is that the content must be well structured, and split up into smaller sections so that visitors are not faced with unsightly chunks of text. So split it all up into sections, write as much interesting information as possible and you will have a great piece of content ready to convert your visitors into RMPs.

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