Article Directories for Poker Affiliates

Article directories can be an incredibly handy way for picking up links to your site for free. By writing articles and submitting them to directories, you will able to get links back to your site through the links that you are permitted to place in the signature area at the bottom of the article.

Once the article has been published, you will not only have a link from the article directory itself, but also from any other sites that decide to use the article on their own sites, keeping the link to your site within the footer.

So here are a few article directories that you can submit to, and build links toward your site for free. Just make sure to write a quality article so that the directory will publish the article for you.

For more information on using article directories, read my article on Poker Article Marketing.

Useful Directories

Its a good idea to write a handful of unqiue articles and submit them to the directories above in order to get a nice amount of one-way links pointing to your site. Although there are many article directories out there that you can use, it’s best to stick with the major ones as well as the gambling ones, as the smallest directories are unlikely to give your article and link much exposure.

The article directories that only publish gambling articles will provide you with some strong links. These directories will be of the same nature as your own site as they will both contain information on online gambling, and so Google will value these links more than a link from an off-topic site.